Monday, September 22, 2008


early in the morning, received a call from hospital, asked dearest mummy return to body-check up!
it sounded a bad news, and indeed the possibility BAD news just high.

i still remain work but my mind and my heart just MECHA MECHA already!

GOD(or so called god) never been so mercy to me!and i knew that NEVER in the future as well!

anger full of my mind,after cooling down,

"that's no way for me to surrender!"
"i'm not like coward!"

all these feeling appears and it make me more believe towards myself but not to any religion!(or any god)


p/s:thx a lot for somebody send this pic to me,post it not because i believed the god, just i appreciated the sincere concern from friend!

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ERIC TAN said...

don;t worry, as u said, rainbow will come out after the rain. everything will be fine.

I'm not very good to comforting other people but what I believe if your mind are strong enough everything will be just fine.

I always saying this to myself, hopefully it help you too:


if you do not mind to be my friend, please feel free add me into your msn list. my msn id is


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